Carlos Avalos

The images and Text you’re about to encounter are true accounts.
Nothing was modified in any shape or form to alter the moment or the subjects’ presence in time. I’m currently travelling through three countries. Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. It is my second time through this region and I am here to capture still images for an exhibition which is to be held in Toronto Canada during the Contact Photography Festival in May 2007.

For a complete look at the images fell free to visit my flickr account:
I am curious and interested in your comments so feel free to add your thoughts under the comments section beneath each individual image, or feel free to contact me on my gmail account:

Thank you once again for stopping by…

Carlos Avalos

One Response to Carlos Avalos

  1. Hello,
    Welcome to my travel blog.
    I’m a photographer from Toronto Canada travelling through South East Asia During December 2006 and January 2007. there will be a link to my flickr account to show the images I take throughout this trip.
    It will be a great way to keep intouch with friends and family aswell as all of you who log onto my blog.


    Carlos Avalos December 15 2006

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